Hashes of Arrays and databases

Joe Oppegaard joe at joppegaard.com
Sun Dec 23 22:59:07 CST 2001

On 23 Dec 2001, Jeff Zucker wrote:
> > The other option I've been considering is just inputting the
> > data into a normal text file, but encrypting the information
> How do you think putting it into a DBM file protects you anymore than a
> plain text file?  If you can get it in and out with DBM mods, so can
> anyone else.  If you need it protected then you need encryption either
> way.

Ah, sorry I didn't explain myself clearly. During user creation before the
password goes into the database I use blowfish encryption on it. (I've
already setup a prototype that successfully does so).

Those AnyData modules look pretty nice, thanks for the ideas.

CPAN is wild! Though sometimes knowing WHAT you're looking for is 90% of
the problem.

Take it easy,

-Joe Oppegaard


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