December 13th Meeting

Curtis Poe poec at
Tue Dec 4 10:28:00 CST 2001

Not to spam, but I recall some people asking about Extreme Programming.  Ward Cunningham, on of
the people who created this is going to be giving a free lecture on this topic tonight at OGI
(sorry for the short notice).

You can get more information and register for this at

Even if you have no interest in XP, I highly recommend this for everyone who's having difficulty
with the software development process.

Incidentally, I have no idea what sort of traffic level most people on this list are comfortable
with.  I'm trying to limit this primarily to or Perl related info, so the above is a little
off-topic, though of interest to many of us here.

If you have any strong opinions about the amount or type of traffic on this list, we can discuss
this on the 13th, or drop me a line if you won't be there.

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