Shaughnessy, Ian Ian_Shaughnessy at
Wed Aug 15 05:38:03 CDT 2001

What webserver are you running?  And generally crawling around doesnt make a
webserver too happy.. it runs as the user nobody (I'm assuming), so if it
tries to enter a directory that does not have rwxr-xr-x permissions, it
cant.  Try this:

su nobody
cd /www/karic/clientone

Check the output.  I'm pretty sure youre going to see perl spit back a
permissions problem.  This is just a handy way of debugging a cgi script
too, heh, you dont know how many times I've had a script not work because of
a permissions problem that I didnt realize until I executed it as manually
as user nobody (or whatever user the webserver runs as).

Also, in case you havent used require much... make sure the require'd file
ends with a '1;'.  Otherwise require dumps to an error (has to do with
return values).  I think its silly, but I guess I'm not Alan Cox.  ;)  


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