Tentative schedule

Daniel Chetlin daniel at chetlin.com
Sun Oct 29 13:55:40 CST 2000

Based on the heartening number of responses I received, I'm going to
throw out a more concrete proposed schedule.

For the tech meeting, I believe that Tuesday nights will work the best
for the majority of people who responded. So, I propose either Tuesday
the 7th or Tuesday the 14th at 7pm for our tech meeting.

The location is still somewhat up in the air -- eBizQuality's conference
room (my location) is a fallback, but I've gotten two tentative offers
of other places which may give us access to a computer projector and, in
one, an ethernet connection. So, if the gentlemen who offered those
places would let me know if either of those dates are do-able, we'll go
ahead and confirm. Unless something major comes up, I think we should
continue to shoot for one of the Tuesdays, because I'd rather have 30
people at a talk that used an overhead and a whiteboard than 15 people
at a talk with a computer projector.

As for the social meeting, which I still think should come first, I'd
like to aim for late next week, perhaps Thursday or Friday the 2nd or
3rd. I haven't heard any particular ideas for a venue, but I agree with
the few people that said we should shoot for Portland or perhaps
Beaverton. I'm inclined to think we should choose somewhere where we can
reserve a room or at least a somewhat secluded area, both to make
talking easier and to give the place fair warning. I hate seeing
unsuspecting waitstaff being harassed by a bunch of geeks :-).

Tuesday the 7th, by the way, is election day. If this is a big no-no,
we'll avoid it.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts about the above times and
places. On Monday, I'll send out a list of tech topics that have been
suggested, and we'll try to firm up the agenda.


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