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Rob Tanner rtanner at cheshire.onlinemac.com
Fri Oct 27 18:08:57 CDT 2000

Sounds good -- count me in (except I have a regular conflict on 
Wednesday nights, so I'd ask that you schedule for any other night). 
Linfield College is clear down in McMinnville, but if folks don't mind 
driving a little, I doubt I would have any problems getting rooms 
evenings or week-ends.

As far as suggested topics, I've been working with modperl for a while 
now and also do a lot of plain old cgi (with a little embperl added for 
good measure).  I'm also beginning to venture where no sane person has 
gone before (Okay, so I'm a warped trekkie), which is into the world of 
XS.  Anything along those lines would be a good topic area, at least as 
far as my own work goes.

As far as a social meeting, when I was in the Bay Area I regularly 
participated in Bay Lisa where social and techie got all mixed 
together, and I thought that tended to work much nicer straight social 
gatherings (besides, whenever they tried it, hardly anybody ever showed 

On your "One final thing" (and I presume you mean an overhead), I could 
find out about borrowing one if you can't locate a projector if you 
can't locate one closer to home.

-- Rob

--On 10/27/00 02:02:02 PM -0700 Daniel Chetlin <daniel at chetlin.com> 

> I would like to see PDX.pm revive itself. This is my attempt to help.
> The company I work for has access to a large conference room, and I've
> cleared with them the idea of having technical meetings there. We're
> in Lake Oswego, a few blocks from the 217/I-5 interchange. The
> conference room should be able to fit 30 comfortably seated, and more
> if necessary.
> My proposed plan of action is to have a social meeting sometime within
> the next week, and at that meeting try to plan a tech meeting for
> maybe two weeks from now. Where we do the social meeting doesn't
> matter.
> The conference room is not available on weekends, but can be had at
> any time after 5pm during the week, and can go as late as we want. The
> earlier we decide on a date and time, the better.
> What I would like to hear from everyone is:
>   * Whether there are enough interested people to bother about this
>   * Where and when we should do the social meeting
>   * What potential topics there would be for a tech meeting
> I am willing to talk about anything, though I don't have any
> particular topic in mind right now. In discussing possibilities with
> a co-worker, we came up with a few ideas:
>   * HTML::Parser and friends
>   * RExen
>   * Overloading operators
>   * Generating dynamic web content (beyond CGI.pm)
> That's just really off the top of our heads, though, and meant to
> spark ideas. I'm also working on a paper about default scoping in
> Perl, but it's mostly talking about how other languages do it, so I'm
> not sure it'd be of interest.
> Oh, one final thing: unless someone has a projector, the best we'll be
> able to do for presentations are whiteboards and overheads. There is a
> large TV in the conference room, but I suspect even if we went to the
> trouble of getting converters, the resolution would be bad enough that
> it'd be useless. So probably no demos.
> Hope to hear from you. Thanks!
> -dlc

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