Installing scripts from Makefile.PL?

Austin Schutz tex at
Wed Oct 4 14:49:50 CDT 2000

	This seemingly common and obvious task seems to actually be
wuite difficult. I've discovered that if I set the INST_SCRIPT
directory and put all scripts in there, they will actually be inserted
in the correct directory, but the pod docs won't be pulled out and
extra stuff from the INST_SCRIPT directory like CVS/Root will be dumped in
too, not just .pl files. If I do nothing and put .pl files in the
main directory then the .pl files are (incorrectly) recognized as libraries
and put under PREFIX/lib.
	What I would like is for a.) pod docs to be extracted and dealt
with properly, b.) .pl files to be intalled under PREFIX/bin or similar, 
and c.) the correct path to perl installed in the header 
( #!/opt/bin/perl5, or whatever).
	I realize I could do this by hand but it seems like such an
obvious and common task that it would be part of the default behavior
of MakeMaker.



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