Perl web job in Lake Oswego (wireless web devices/WAP/Palm VII)

Tim Holt burkenholt at
Tue May 16 23:14:59 CDT 2000

Required Skills?
    Team player, Perl, OOP, DBI + SQL, Dynamic web content (CGI), Unix, SCM
    (Perforce), and Apache

    Position is permanent with excellent insurance and stock options.

    Lake Oswego, Oregon

     Not necessarily, however company will provide VPN hardware for your
house so
     you can work from home securely.

    Qsent is developing eCommerce technology and solutions for the wireless
data appliance
    market.  This includes wireless PDAs (Palm VII & such), plus web enabled
cell phones
    (WAP/WML/HDML devices).

    Qsent is fully funded and growing fast, aiming to be on the leading edge
of the wireless
    web market in the US.  Our current tight and hard working team needs to
grow, and we're
    looking for hot Perl people who get just as much thrill working with a
great team as they
    do making a cool regex sit up and do tricks.  Don't worry, the team will
recognize and
    appreciate your regex trick too as long as it's not an obfuscation prize
candidate :^)  If you
    like what you see here, and love to play with cool wireless toys,
contact me with a resume
    and I'll send it on to our CTO.

Tim Holt
tim.holt at
burkenholt at


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