TPC anyone?

Daniel Chetlin daniel at
Fri Jun 30 14:57:10 CDT 2000

After enjoying myself immensely at YAPC, I've decided that I have to go to
TPC. Since the conference fee itself is so high (major drawback of being a
consultant: no employer to pay your entry fee) I'm looking for ways to cut
costs in airfare and hotel stay.

In that vein, three questions:

a) Has anyone found a particularly cheap flight to Monterey? The United
meeting line gave me a $186 quote (out of PDX, of course, and stopping in SF
both ways). Can we do better?

b) Is there anyone who is going, has not yet made sleeping arrangements, and
would be interested in sharing a hotel room?

c) Any other thoughts on shaving dollars?

One possibility for me would be skipping the tutorials, which I didn't find
nearly as useful as the other sessions at YAPC. For those of you who've been
to TPC before, how elementary do the tutorials tend to be? If the highest
level course is MJD's Wizards talk (which I saw and found enjoyable but
unessential at YAPC), then I can probably safely skip it. Although ... I could
always use the Linux/Apache stuff instead. Argh.

Hope to hear from anyone here who is planning to go. Thanks!



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