Let the party begin...

Kari Chisholm karic at lclark.edu
Mon Jul 24 16:21:35 CDT 2000

I'm rather biased in favor of your subject line.  Perhaps with this

	Portland Perl Mongers: Let the party begin...

Perhaps, instead:

	Portland Perl Mongers: Friends Don't Let Friends Code C.

Or, alternatively:

	Portland Perl Mongers: Because Perl Rules.

On second thought, that last one sucks.

Tactically speaking, you should check out www.pint.org.


Kari Chisholm
Creative Director for New Media
Lewis & Clark College
Portland, Oregon

Todd Caine wrote:
> We need to start a campaign to get a larger member base.
> Here is a simple slogan.  Any other ideas....
> join ' ', qw/Portland Perl Mongers/;
> ps.  Great website (http://pdx.pm.org) (not)

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