little keyboards

Masque masque at
Wed Apr 12 11:51:09 CDT 2000

On Wed, Apr 12, 2000 at 09:15:52AM -0700, Zach Zurflu wrote:
> what were those little keyboards that were discussed at last nights
> meeting?
> my wrists hurt!
> -z
> TIMTOWTDI is the one I use.
It's a "Great Quality Mini-Keyboard" from Fry's.  $20 when they 
go on sale, $27 otherwise.  I also use a gel wristpad which 
feels like a giant strip of flesh.  Very comfy.  I chose this
keyboard over the happy hacker due to its very short key travel,
which saves wear on my wrists.  I've had it a little over a year
and although I had to lubricate the backspace key, everything
else about the keyboard is great.  I don't look at my hands
when I type, however, the letters on this tend to rub off after
heavy use.  If you're not a touch typist, this may not be the
keyboard for you.



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