Zach Zurflu zach at
Tue Apr 11 14:38:47 CDT 2000

i like options 2 and 3.

as far as who-song and larry's on the willamette is concerned, if you've
never been there, the directions are tricky.

the phone book and mapquest will tell you that it is on macadam but this
is not the case.

basically, take the directions that mapquest gives you, and then:

from macadam turn onto boundary towards the river (think downhill), go
about a block, take the first left onto landing drive, go about a block
and a half and take a right across the railroad tracks into the parking
lot at who-song and larry's.

their phone number is 223-8845 if you need to talk to them.

as an added incentive for attending the meeting i will buy a margarittas
for whomever shows up thirsty.


On 11 Apr 2000, Randal L. Schwartz wrote:

> Paul> 3.  Head down to Whosong and Larry's by the waterfront
> Paul>     about 7pm tonight and meet there.
> That's probably the best for me.


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