Some thoughts about Perl Mongers

Peter Sergeant sargie at
Thu Oct 21 12:00:09 CDT 1999

Dear Oxford PM,

Seeming as the last message did go through, here are some thoughts, which 
I'd appreciate comments on:

=> We should meet once a month, possible the 3rd or 4th Sunday of each 
month, at a pub? Any suggestions for pubs would be helpful, as would 
appropriate times for these meetings.

=> The website should contain something interesting. So far I'm rather short 
on ideas in this department, so please offer some. I thought prehaps we 
could host an UK based obfuscated Perl competition of something of that 

=> More members is always a good idea - if anyone knows anyone that they 
could convince to join, that would be helpful - please tell them.

I can't think of anything else at the moment

- Peter Sergeant

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