[Oslo.pm] Tirsdag 2. mars 2015: "Fifty Shades of Perl" m/Damian Conway

Salve J Nilsen sjn at pvv.org
Man 2. Mar 2015 04:47:03 PST


I morgen kveld er Damian Conway i byen, og gir oss et underholdende foredrag 
på The Scotsman!

   Fifty Shades of Perl

   In June 2000, Larry Wall announced a new four-month Open Source development
   effort: the reinvention of Perl.

   In this presentation, Damian Conway will unfold the twisting and sordid tale
   of what happened over the next fifteen years of the project, highlighting
   the sexy new language that has been created, the tough love that was
   sometimes necessary to make it happen, and the dozen or so
   harsh-but-invaluable lessons that the development team learned along the

Påmelding er på sidene våre på Meetup: http://meetu.ps/2GKQHT

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- Salve J. Nilsen

#!/usr/bin/env perl
sub AUTOLOAD{$AUTOLOAD=~/.*::(\d+)/;seek(DATA,$1,0);print# Salve Joshua Nilsen
getc DATA}$"="'};&{'";@_=unpack("C*",unpack("u*",':50,$'.#    <sjn at foo.no>
'3!=0"59,6!`%%P\0!1)46%!F.Q`%01,`'."\n"));eval "&{'@_'}";  __END__ is near! :)

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