[Oslo-aktive] Nordic Perl Workshop 2011 boat trip

Salve J Nilsen sjn+oslo.pm at pvv.org
Tor 23. Jun 2011 02:08:52 PDT

Hey folks,

We've finished our trip! One person (Karl Gilbert) took the chance, 
and we had a really nice trip as a result.

I've posted some of the pictures on facebook, feel free to have a 


Thanks to Karl Rune Nilsen for taking us! :D

- Salve

Rune Nilsen said:
> We still have a cabin available! Please tell me if you are interested
> in joining our boat trip from Oslo to Malmø!
>>> http://code.foo.no/2011/05/11/im-on-a-perl-boat
>>> JFYI, Nordic Perl Workshop is on June 18-19 in Malmö, Sweden, and some of
>>> us are already planning on a trip.
>>> Karl Rune Nilsen is planning on taking his sailboat there, and has room
>>> for one or three more on the trip. If you're interested in a Perl-trip in
>>> the swedish Skjärgård, show yourself! :)
>>> The plan is to leave 3 days before (june 15th), and arrive back in Oslo 3
>>> days after (june 23rd).

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