[Orlando-pm] Wake-up and rollcall

chris at prather.org chris at prather.org
Wed Jul 9 03:01:49 CDT 2003


My name is Chris and I'm a Perl programmer. Actually at the 
moment I'm a SQL Server developer, with some light ASP and 
some other stuff ... but previous to this recent project I was a full 
time perl Programmer and plan on trying to be again when I return 
to Orlando.

I've written some packages on CPAN (as PERIGRIN), nothing 
spectacular ... mostly source code for the  irc bot Bender in the 
Southflorida.pm chatroom. 

I'm currently in Scotland with plans on returning to Orlando in late 
October. I have a lot of friends and family in Orlando and I want to 
help in anyway that I can.


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