[Omaha.pm] Net::LDAP

Jay Hannah jay at jays.net
Tue Feb 21 13:50:55 PST 2012

Hi Bill,

Sorry, I was in a meeting so wasn't staring at IRC.   :)

   my $ad = Net::LDAP->new("ad.wjgilmore.com");

Yes, that creates a new object, $ad, of the class Net::LDAP.

The author of that class, apparently, allows a single argument to be passed in -- the server you want to connect to. Class authors can do whatever they want to arguments passed into new().

   $ad->bind("ad-web\@ad.wjgilmore.com", password=>"secret");

In OO programming bind() is called an object method. (method, function... in perl it's all just a sub {} under the hood :)

Many people doing OO in perl5 use Moose nowadays. Check it out!:   https://metacpan.org/module/Moose

I saw you just joined this mailing list! Welcome! 

/me runs off to pick up his dogs at the vet   :)

20:24 < jhannah> hi Bill  :)
20:24 < BillBrush> I'm on the OLUG list
20:25 < jhannah> I'm sorry.  ;)
20:25 < BillBrush> :-)  No worries, I mainly lurk (for about 10) years
20:25 < jhannah> ya, me too
20:26 < jhannah> you might want to /join #OmahaLUG
20:26 < BillBrush> I'm toying with the idea of using my novice perl skills to write an LDAP 
                   query script.  Can I ask some realy basic questions?
20:26 < jhannah> absolutely.  :)   you might want to join the omaha.pm.org mailing list
20:27 < BillBrush> Just to give some idea, I've been programming at various basic levels since 
                   84, but I'm not a "dev" and object oriented came long after I was out of 
20:28 < BillBrush> So I'm looking at this statement:
20:28 < BillBrush> my $ad = Net::LDAP->new("ad.wjgilmore.com")
20:28 < BillBrush>          or die "Could not connect!";
20:28 < BillBrush> That creates an object ($ad) and sets the object property to (ad.blah.com)
20:28 < BillBrush> Am I reading that right?
20:29 < BillBrush> Assuming than I am, this statement then uses the bind function of the object 
                   to open the connection to the LDAP.
20:29 < BillBrush> $ad->bind("ad-web\@ad.wjgilmore.com", password=>"secret");
20:30 < BillBrush> Am I on track or out in left field?
20:41  * BillBrush thinks he scared Jay off
21:23 -!- BillBrush [~bbrush at netv-net3674.unl.edu] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:43 < jhannah> haha, was in a meeting

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