[Omaha.pm] Fwd: The new www.pm.org

Jay Hannah jay at jays.net
Sat Aug 25 19:45:39 PDT 2012

FYI   :)


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> From: Jay Hannah <jay at jays.net>
> Subject: The new www.pm.org
> Date: August 25, 2012 9:41:03 PM CDT
> To: pm_groups at pm.org, "leo at cuckoo.org" <leo at cuckoo.org>
> Bcc: "pm_admins at pm.org" <pm_admins at pm.org>
> A huge THANK YOU to Leo Lapworth, who did a ton of work to re-skin and improve our website for us:
>   http://www.pm.org 
> He's also moved us into github:
>   https://github.com/perlorg/www.pm.org/  (patches welcome!)
> All kudos to Leo please.
> Glitch reports as github pull requests or emailed to support at pm.org please. I'd be surprised if I didn't miss thing(s) when I pushed Leo's skin to the production server.
> THANKS LEO!!!  Woot!
> jhannah
> Omaha.pm
> Group leaders FAQ: http://groups.pm.org/faq.html (cleanup in progress)

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