[Omaha.pm] Meeting tomorrow night (Tue) 7pm

Jay Hannah jay.hannah at iinteractive.com
Mon Aug 13 10:39:58 PDT 2012

Hola! Time for another meeting! 

I've got a whole stack of Modern Perl stuff here, so I'll be presenting chunks of that.  :)

I'll be lazily presenting from Jacinta's talk and materials: 

   "Putting the ideas together, a hands on tutorial of modern Perl"
      By Jacinta Richardson, YAPC::NA 2012

As you will see, the materials are excellent. Your company should hire those guys.

Without objection, let's hold the meeting at CoVisco again:

   Covis Coworking
   920 South 107th Avenue 
   Suite 106 

They've got a projector screen here now, so that + the TV should be plenty for the small crowds we've been attracting lately.

If you have pizza/pop preferences, do tell.  :)

See you tomorrow!

http://odlug.org (I'll update the website in a minute here)

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