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From: Lyle <webmaster at cosmicperl.com>
Date: September 15, 2008 5:03:41 PM CDT
Subject: New Perl Projects

Hi All,
We started a number of new Perl projects. I'd appreciate it if you  
could forward at least some of the details of these onto your groups.

The projects are:-
Perl Certified Hosting
Free Perl Course Project
Perl Donation (from everybody)
Perl Certification
(Please note you need to remove the ** from the domain names, this is  
because they were being picked up an inaccurate filter)

Details below:-

Perl Certified Hosting
The idea for this project was put forth by Amias of Bristol & Bath  
Perl Mongers. We are creating a Perl Certified Hosting scheme that  
will be open for all hosting companies to join.
Requirements will include a set list of web related Perl Modules and  
proper webserver configuration.
Please visit the site:-
For more details and to get involved with helping this scheme become  
a reality.

Free Perl Course Project
The idea in this project is that every Perl programmer teach at least  
one other person to code. Be that a family member, friend, work  
colleague, employee, friend of a friend, or even friend of an employee.
Following the success of the Free Perl Course offered by Bristol &  
Bath Perl Mongers this project has been started to encourage other  
Perl groups and programmers to do the same.
Please check out the site:-

Perl Donation (from everybody)
This scheme has been started with the aim to give the Perl 6  
development budget a big boost.
Please take the time to make your small donation. The aim is that we  
all make a small donation so that it amounts to a lot.

Perl Certification
I've been starting a Perl Certification list, this time not for  
debate, but for actually starting a certification scheme. I know this  
can be a very touchy subject, but we'd like to put together a working  
solution that people can evaluate.


** Must be removed from all domain names

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