[Omaha.pm] [dynamic_omaha] Requirements Part 4 for August 7: Groovy Coding: Car Wash

Jay Hannah jay at jays.net
Wed Aug 8 04:49:40 PDT 2007

Here's a Perl mock-up I wrote after the meeting. The original  
challenge is below.

It's kinda fun to hold down the insert money key and watch your  
balance fly up and then hold down a purchase key and spend your  
loot.  :)



use strict;
use Term::InKey;
use FileHandle;

# Slap your products in here (up to 9 of them)...
my $tmp = <<EOT;
Simple       5    Wash
Clean        6    Wash,Soak
Stupendous   7    Wash,Soak,Wax

# Thanks, simple human. Now Perl will do the dirty work,
# building the structures we'll need to get the job done.
my ($products, @products, $product_choices);
foreach my $line (split /\n/, $tmp) {
    my ($product, $cost, $actions) = split / +/, $line;
    push @products, $product;
    my $cnt = @products;
    $products->[ $cnt ] = {
       cost    => $cost,
       actions => $actions
    $product_choices .= "  [$cnt] Buy $product (\$$cost)\n";

my $balance = 0;
my $message;
while (1) {
    print "> ";
    for (my $x = &ReadKey) {
       /i/  && do { dollar_inserted() };
       /q/  && do { exit };
       /\d/ && do { purchase($x) };


sub dollar_inserted {
    $message = "Cha-ching!";

sub purchase {
    my ($product) = @_;
    my $amount = $products->[$product]->{cost};
    my $actions = $products->[$product]->{actions};
    return unless $amount;
    if ($balance < $amount) {
       $message = "Please insert more money first.";
    $balance -= $amount;
    $message = "You just bought $actions for $amount dollars.";

sub choices {
    print <<EOT;


Your balance: $balance

   [i] Insert dollar

   [q] Quit

    undef $message;

  -------Original Message-------
  From: Blaine Buxton <altodorado at blainebuxton.com>
  Subject: August 7: Groovy Coding: Car Wash
  Sent: 12 Jul '07 00:50

  I thought I would do things a little differently next month and  
have a small design group session. I came up with some "customer  
requirements" that will be released in four rounds. I want this to  
inspire discussion so if you come up with a novel or clever solution.  
Please share it! Anything language is welcome to join in on the fun,  
so if Groovy is not your bag, please do it in the language of your  
choice. I would like for us to compare the different ways of doing  
and compare out thought processes. I think this will be more fun if  
everyone gets involved.

  I made the first round simple (and in fact all of them are simple).  
I just wanted something easy enough to code, but interesting. The  
rounds following the first will be customer changes/additions to our  
requirements. If you get yourself in a corner because of changes, I  
would love to know what they were and how you overcame them. I think  
this will be an extraordinary learning experience and I hope it is  

  Customer Requirements:
  Frobozz Gas and Go has installed a brand new automated car wash.  
There's just one problem. The hardware that runs the car wash has no  
software to run it. Basically, it's a coin-operated box that takes  
the customer's money and sends commands to the machine that washes  
the car. Frobozz has called us to design this software and this is  
the list of requirements:
  1. Machine Takes Cash/Gives Change
  2. There are 3 packages for the wash and their prices are:
          Simple $5.00 (Action Sent To Wash Machine: Wash)
          Clean $6.00 (Actions Sent To Wash Machine: Wash, Soak)
          Stupendous $7.00 (Wash, Soak, Wax)
  And that's it.
  The interface for the washing machine is this (Specified in Java):
  public interface CarWashMachine {
  public void performWash();
  public void performSoak();
  public void performWax();

  You are free to implement any interface you want for the machine  
that gives/takes money. You are also free to connect the  
CarWashMachine to anything you want. As long as the customer pays and  
gets the wash. Frobozz doesn't care.

  These requirements are quite ambigious and Frobozz is a busy man.  
Good luck everyone!

  I have a meeting with Frobozz next week to discuss anything that  
might have been missed.
  Blaine Buxton
  Simplicity Synthesist

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