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I am forwarding this email from the Unix Users Association of Southern
California, the talk will be Perl vs. Python, next Monday in Irvine,
details below.


Juan Natera

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Date: Nov 9, 2005 11:15 AM
Subject: UUASC-OC November 2005 Program
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Unix Users Association of Southern California
            Orange County Chapter
               November Meeting

               Perl vs. Python


           Monday, Nov. 14, 7-9 PM

            Sun Microsystems, Inc.
         2020 S. Main St. in Irvine
                  12th Floor


Over the years, the UUASC mailing list has hosted numerous flame fests as to
what is the best scripting language. We will now settle one such battle once
and for all, as we will pit against each other two of UUASC's top programmers
who will take off their gloves as each one tries to convince us that they
represent the better language.

At the November meeting of UUASC-OC, members Mark Nagel and Todd Jackson will
become enemy combatants, with Mark representing Perl and Todd doing battle on
behalf of Python. The pair will demonstrate some of the differences between
the two languages by providing to us coding examples of programs written in
each one.

To allow our duelers the most time to prepare for the demonstrations, this is
our final request for suggestions from our readers for potential coding
assignments. Mark and Todd will choose a few of the requests and go to work on
creating code using their respective languages. So, now is the time to kindly
post your request. And, our two speakers had better get their act together
quickly, because Monday night is coming up fast, and Nigel hasn't been real
responsive to my emails lately.

Mark is a Cisco CCIE with 20 years of network administration and programming
experience. He is the principal consultant and co-founder at Willing Minds
LLC, http://willingminds.com , a consultancy that focuses on infrastructure
implementation and support. Mark has written in Perl since 1991, and even
created a Perl program that monitors system files called Filewatcher which is
available at SourceForge. Mark is preparing for the upcoming battle by working
out and practicing martial arts three times per week.

Todd is a systems engineer at 8e6 Technologies, a web-filtering company in
Orange, with more than 25 years of IT experience and has worked in UNIX
environments including AIX, Solaris, and most recently Linux. He has developed
Perl scripts used for data reduction, analysis, simulation of network traffic,
and various systems administration tasks. He is currently using Python for new
development in those areas. Todd is preparing for the upcoming battle by
watching TV while eating little chocolate doughnuts -- the breakfast of

POST-MEETING ACTIVITIES: Join us at the Pilsner Room, within walking distance.

AFTER HOURS ACCESS: The Sun building's doors are locked at 7 p.m. If you
arrive late, please contact the guard at 949-372-2937 or 949-279-1539 for

CARPOOL INFO: If you are interested in joining a carpool with other members,
please post an email to the general list, uuasc at uuasc.org , requesting carpool

PARKING: Convenient FREE parking is located next to the Sun office building in
the visitor parking lot for after hours usage. Take a ticket when entering the
garage but don't be concerned - no one will be there to collect money when the
meeting ends, so you can exit for free.

DIRECTIONS: Exit the San Diego Freeway (I-405) at MacArthur, go north (away
from the airport) to the signal at Main Street (the first cross-street), turn
right to Mercantile (the first signal on Main Street), turn right to parking.
Please visit our web site, http://uuasc.org/oc.html , where you will find a
detailed map. Here's an ASCII version:

            |    Mercantile           | Gillette
            |         v               |
  Main -----+---------+---------------+-----------
            |         | ElTorito      |
            |         |               |
            |         | Sun           |
            |         \_______________/
            +--\     parking
            |  /\
  405 ======|=====================================
            |  \/
   Airport  +--/    (all intersections shown
            |        have signals (+))

The El Torito is on the corner and can serve as a landmark. The Pilsner Room
is at the other end of the same block, Gillette and Main. The Sun building is
behind the one with El Torito. 949-833-1640.

UUASC-OC wants to thank our host, Sun Microsystems, for the continued support
of our meetings.


The UUASC is for all persons using Unix either personally or professionally,
or interested in learning more about Unix. We recognize all varieties of Unix,
including (without prejudice) HP/UX, Linux, SVr4, Solaris, AIX, and BSD. This
is a good place to meet others with similar interests and broaden your skills
and knowledge. Generally, meetings include a technical presentation on a
hardware or software topic of current interest to the Unix community and a
round-table discussion of current topics of interest to the group. We are
always looking for interesting presentations and your suggestions are most

Please join us this month and bring along your friends or co-workers. Also,
please forward this announcement to others who may be interested and feel free
to post it to wherever you wish, both electronically and physically. If you
receive more than one announcement by email, please let us know so we can keep
our lists current.
This list is for announcements only. Send all discussion to the regular
UUASC list. For details, send message "info uuasc" to Majordomo at uuasc.org.
To unsubscribe, send "unsubscribe uuasc-announce" to Majordomo at uuasc.org.

Juan Jose Natera Abreu <juanjose at lunarpages.com>

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