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Michael Wood michael at web.oakley.com
Wed Mar 5 17:14:20 CST 2003


The SAWA::Lite presentation went well, and some very valuable feeback was given - which will undoubtably be integrated into the package - given enough hours in a day ;)

On a side note, would anyone like to view perl from a different perspective other than somehow serving the web?  The meetings should have diverse material so that there's always a little something for everybody, and not everyone uses perl for web applications.

If you have a system tool or utility related to perl and not the web, let us know so we can roll it into future moger meetings ;)

But until then, SAWA looks to be the top canditate for next months meeting...

I had a great time last night, and it was good seeing some new faces.  
I hope to see you all (and more of your friends ;) at the next meeting -


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