[oak perl] (S.F.) free systems: Dell OptiPlex, models: GX110, GX1 and GX400

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Fri Feb 10 07:30:09 PST 2006

(S.F.) free systems: Dell OptiPlex, models: GX110, GX1 and GX400

A group at my employer has some computer systems to give away.
Preference would probably be to non-profits (e.g. 501(c)3 or 501(c)(7))
and/or accredited educational institutions, but most any semi-reasonable
cause, purpose or person to give/provide them for is also likely
potential candidate if interested.

Relevant details:
The systems:
Dell OptiPlex, models: GX110, GX1 and GX400
Note that the GX400 systems may be rather/quite incomplete systems (they
may be missing essential components).  All models are without
monitor, operating system and software, and except possibly for GX400
systems, include a (wiped clean) hard drive, and should be ready to use
systems with addition of operating system, monitor, keyboard and mouse.
I believe they also all come with some Microsoft operating
system license, but they don't include the operating system, software,
or media.  They don't include shipping/packing materials (they're not
boxed).  I think there are roughly 25 to 30 systems total, and I think
it runs roughly mostly GX110 systems, a fair number of GX1 systems, and
some GX400 systems.

I probably can't provide individual machine specifications.  They
probably include at least the minimum hardware specifications on the
systems themselves that Dell would have originally shipped them with -
not sure what (if anything) beyond that they may have or likely have,
and precise specifications/configuration may possibly vary from system 
to system.

Pickup - pickup would need to be arranged for in advance, may be limited
to "business hours", and location is South of Market Area (SOMA), San
Francisco (not too far from 5th & Mission).  Some advance lead time and
scheduling for pickups would be required - and more lead time may be
required for larger quantity pickups.

If you know a group in the area that may be interested, feel free to
pass this on to them.

For more details, if you're interested to arrange pickup, etc., drop me
an e-mail note at my work address.  You can get determine my work
address via:
$ echo 'cnbyvzvp (ng) jryyfsnetb.pbz' | tr '[A-Za-z]' '[N-ZA-Mn-za-m]'
Please include:
(S.F.) free systems: Dell OptiPlex, models: GX110, GX1 and GX400
in the Subject line of any e-mail.

*caesar(6), rot13(6), if you have problems translating that into my 
correct work e-mail address, drop me a reply to this e-mail and I'll 
e-mail that to you.

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