[Nottingham-pm] Nottingham.pm July social, plus, progress on technical meetings!

James Green jimbo.green at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 08:45:13 PDT 2014

Hi all

First, the important part: July's social will be a return to the
Canalhouse, from 7pm onwards on a date to be confirmed. I've set up
another Doodle to help pick a date, at
http://doodle.com/zcqcx9myy4h7i6g7 -- I'll close it late next week and
announce a definite date.

Secondly: we now seem to have a suitable venue (actually, two options,
but one involves more cost and hassle) for technical meetings!
Hopefully we also still have some willing speakers - although more
volunteers are appreciated, especially since if this goes well, I
intend to make it a semi-regular event :-)

For those who don't know, the general format of these events are
between 2 and 5 (ish) presentations, of anywhere between 10 and 60
(ish) minutes in length - hopefully totalling around 90 minutes to 2
hours. There's then usually an exodus to a nearby (or in our case,
probably, downstairs) pub to chat about the interesting things we've
just heard about.

I've spoken to a few of you individually already, but if anybody would
like to speak, on a topic even tangentially related to Perl, please
let me know -- either by email, or by tracking down me on irc.perl.org
(where I'm usually 'jkg', and where the group channel is

(As an aside, a common response to the above is "I'm not good enough /
don't know anything interesting enough to talk about." -- this is
usually not the case! While talks on complex, advanced topics are
obviously welcome, we're hoping to attract Perl users of all levels
... which means we need talks of all levels, as well. If you're not
sure of your talent for speaking to an audience... it's possible a
small, local event like this is a good opportunity to try it out --
I'm told it's quite addictive once you start :-) )

All the best,

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