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Hi all,

Via the Nottingham LUG, I think some of you might find this
interesting (and at least one of you might find it more local than the
rest of us :-) ).

I'd love to go myself, but I'll be down in London for LPW by that time
on Friday!


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Forwarded from a nearby group... Very good to have our flying visitor
fly by nearby... :-)


*Richard Stallman*

Will be speaking on the 29th November at 6pm, with the topic of:

“A Free Digital Society”

Richard’s speech will be nontechnical, admission is free and it is open
to all members of the public.



The abstract:

There are many threats to freedom in the digital society. They include
massive surveillance, censorship, digital handcuffs, nonfree software
that controls users, and the War on Sharing. Other threats come from use
of web services. Finally, we have no positive right to do anything in
the Internet; every activity is precarious, and can continue only as
long as companies are willing to cooperate with it.

We would love to see some of you there! If you would like to attend, we
would kindly ask you to register with the FSF to ensure we will be able
to accommodate everyone. Please follow the registration link:


The talk is located in:

Jackson Lecture Theatre
Main Administration Building
Brayford Pool
University of Lincoln

The building is 5 minutes walk from the train station, and there are
nearby car parks should you wish to drive. Maps of the campus can be
found here.

If you have any questions or queries, please let me know.


Tom Feltwell
Technician – School of Computer Science
University of Lincoln
Brayford Pool


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