[Nottingham-pm] Happy November!

James Green jkg at earth.li
Wed Nov 13 09:52:05 PST 2013

Hi all

You've probably noticed by now, it's November! Which means two things
-- we have a social on the 28th, and LPW is happening on the 30th.

Social details are the same as ever -- Canalhouse, from 7pm.

LPW is on the Saturday, and starts around 9am. You can expect it to be
finished by 6.30pm, and if you've not been before I do highly
recommend staying for at least the Lightning Talks, which usually
occupy the 5pm-6pm slot. There's no published schedule yet, but these
times seem to be the norm.

If you didn't get your fill on Thursday night, there's also a
(sponsored!) pub trip on the Saturday night -- don't worry, the
sponsors won't be pestering you all night, in fact last year I
scarcely managed to work out who they were :-)

There look to be some interesting talks again this year --
http://act.yapc.eu/lpw2013/talks has the list -- but which appeal to
you will rather depend what you're after. The workshops tend to be 2
hours and very informative, but I tend to try and pack in a bigger
number of shorter talks myself. I'll post again when I notice the
schedule go up and we know what clashes with what, anyway.

Finally, thinking ahead to December -- our usual date would be Boxing
Day, but I certainly can't make it. I'm open to suggestions if people
want to do something a little earlier ... or indeed to carry on
regardless and brave Nottingham's pub scene on Boxing day evening ;-)

Hopefully see you in a couple of weeks, either in the pub or in London!


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