[Nottingham-pm] [ANNOUNCE] Social meet THIS TUESDAY 13/08/13

James Green jimbo.green at gmail.com
Fri Aug 9 12:16:04 PDT 2013

Hi all

I think other than the initial tentative conversation, I never properly
announced this -- so here it is.

Venue: Canalhouse, Canal St, Nottingham (less than 2 minutes walk from the
(closed) train station, and similar from the bus station at Broadmarsh.
Time: I'll be there from around 7pm; you can turn up when you like :-)
Date: Tuesday August 13th, 2013

If you're coming in by train, I believe there are replacement bus services
covering all the routes, but I repeat that Nottingham's station is CLOSED
until the end of the month, so have a plan before you set off!

I'm quite pleased to note we got a mention on the news page for LPW2013 (
http://act.yapc.eu/lpw2013/news) -- apart from the local group, and the
organisers' local group, we're currently the most represented PM group
among registered attendees... Sadly I don't think we win a prize, but it'll
be great to see you all there :)

Have a good weekend all; hopefully see you Tuesday!


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