[niederrhein.pm] Perl at FOSDEM: booth, talks (no devroom), dinner, beer event, Low Emission Zone

Wendy G.A. van Dijk nl.pm at wendy.org
Di Jan 29 05:55:06 PST 2019

Perl will be represented this weekend at FOSDEM with a booth, two 
talks (one by Andrew Shitov about compilers, one by Will Braswell 
about Perl 11), and we will have dinner on Saturday.

Dinner on Saturday: if you want to join, please tell me (really!), 
because we have 50 seats reserved at La Porteuse d'Eau.  The resurant 
is not near to the venue, it's a big walk, or a taxi or bus 
ride.  People who join in: be there before/at/after 18:00.

Brussels Low Emission Zone: beware coming to Brussels in a vehicle 
that is not registered for the Low Emission Zone, it might cost you 
150 euro or more.


See you at FOSDEM!

Kind regards,

Wendy van Dijk

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