[niederrhein.pm] German Perl Workshop 2018 on 4-6 April in Bergisch Gladbach

Wendy G.A. van Dijk nl.pm at wendy.org
Fr Okt 20 05:40:36 PDT 2017

Dear Niederrhein Perl Mongers,

On April 4-6, 2018, some of the Niederrhein Perl 
Mongers are organising the German Perl Workshop 
2018 in Bergisch Gladbach. That is 20 km from 
Köln / Cologne. The main organisers, two of our 
fellow Niederrhein Perl Mongers, are Roland 
Schmitz and Jens Rehsack, and they can use our help.

The best help he can get is when you register as attendee for the workshop:

If you want to do more than just being an 
attendee, there are smaller and larger things you 
can do. Also, as an organizer, you can get a 
promotion code for cheaper attendance fee. See 
for ticket prices: http://act.yapc.eu/gp...­

* Speaker: submit a proposal for a presentation. 
When your talk is accepted, you can get a 
promotion code for cheaper attendance fee.
* Timekeeping: sit in front of the room and use a 
sign (we will print signs with "20-10-5-1 minute 
left") to tell the speaker how much time is left.
* Help at the registration desk.
* Help as volunteer for filming the presentations 
(more volunteers means less work for each volunteer).
* Help find sponsors. Maybe the company you work 
for could be a good sponsor. You can ask 
yourself, or you can give us the name of a 
contact person, so that we can write a polite 
email to. Maybe you know another company, or 
institute, that would be a good sponsor. Maybe 
you want to be part of the team that wants to find sponsors.
* Be a small sponsor yourself and pay a bit more than just the standard ticket.
* Website development.
* Communications: news, mailinglist, press 
releases. Or just mention the event on your 
Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, local Perl Mongers group.
* Help us clean up the room.
* Anything else that can come up.

Please let us know if you want to help us and what you like to do. Thank you.

If you just want to be an attendee, that is fine 
of course. The German Perl Workshop is always 
interesting, ever since the first time it was 
held in 1999. If all goes well, there will be 
over 100 attendees, and of course we hope for at least 150.

Help us to spread the message. Thank you. We look 
forward to see you at this wonderful event.

Kind regards,

Wendy van Dijk

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