[niederrhein.pm] Miyagawa in Köln

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Sa Jan 24 10:18:52 PST 2015


nächsten Monat vorgezogenes Treffen? Miyagawa wird hier sein:

* <http://weblog.bulknews.net/post/108719079414/fosdem-2015-home>
> After FOSDEM I’ll move to Amsterdam, and then Köln in Germany. It’s my
> first trip to Amsterdam and cannot wait to see around the city.

<aristotle> would you have time/interest to come to the local PM when
            you’re in Köln?
<miyagawa> not sure
<aristotle> and the online community people are me, riba, liz+wendy and Sno
<aristotle> riba, liz/wendy and Sno are all a ways out, so I don’t know
            how spontaneously they can come
<aristotle> the locals are decently technical
<aristotle> and our usual venue (if it works out) is a hackerspace with
            a projector (but may be a bit difficult to reserve off the cuff)
<aristotle> so, we can go more or less anywhere on the social/technical
            scale you feel like
 * miyagawa nods
<miyagawa> definitely not giving talks or hacking, sorry
<miyagawa> will be there from Friday afternoon to Monday morning with wife
<miyagawa> so, not that.
<miyagawa> drink might be possible :)
<aristotle> is that the weekend after FOSDEM? i.e. 6--9th?
<miyagawa> yeah
<miyagawa> and 3-6 in Amsterdam
<aristotle> drinks is fine :)
<miyagawa> last time I enjoyed beer at Früh
<miyagawa> near the Dom
<aristotle> OK, I’ll shoot a mail to the list and listen for any echo

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