[niederrhein.pm] Free lectures by Damian Conway in Amsterdam (March 10th)

Elizabeth Mattijsen liz at dijkmat.nl
Mi Feb 25 03:09:46 PST 2015

Booking.com, NLUUG, and SPPN invite the Open Source community to a lecture
by Damian Conway. Damian is an extraordinary speaker from Australia: his
knowledge is renowned and, whatever the subject, he tells an enthusiastic
story like no other can.

 Tuesday 10 March, 6pm to 8pm
 Theater Pathé Tuschinski, Reguliersbreestraat 26-28 Amsterdam
 Free entrance, no registration

Once a year, Damian travels through Europe. During his visit to Amsterdam
last year, he had an audience of over 200 excited geeks.  This year he
will present two talks:

* In "Instantly Better Presentations" Damian will demonstrate and explain
 seven simple ways to give more interesting and more effective technical
 presentations. In other words, it's a tech talk about giving better
 tech talks by a guy who gives tech talks for a living.

* After 15 years of development, the Perl 6 programming language will be
 officially released later this year. Like its predecessor Perl 5,
 it has incorporated many original ideas and openly borrowed great
 concepts from other languages. In "Everyday Perl 6", Damian will show
 how Perl 6 builds upon, and considerably improves, the features and
 syntax of Perl 5.

Afterwards, we'll have an informal reception in Café Amstelhoek, sponsored
by Booking.com.

The event is sponsored by Booking.com, NLUUG, and SPPN.
Organized by SawyerX and Mark Overmeer

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