[niederrhein.pm] Musing on nrpm's future

Wendy G.A. van Dijk nl.pm at wendy.org
Mo Mai 19 16:12:15 PDT 2014

I am coming just because of the great food in Köln!
Of course I agree with you: when coming to a Perl 
Monger meeting is at least as important to meet 
like-minded people as having the opportunity to 
learn something.  I am also hoping that by coming 
to such meetings, I can help motivating people to 
come too, to learn something, to teach something, 
to do a bit more for the community.  But meeting people I like is #1.
Greetz, Wendy

At 09:52 PM 5/19/2014, Peter Rabbitson wrote:
 >I will write in english, sowwy. Feel free to answer in German though ;)
 >Leaving aside the question of tomorrow's meeting for a moment, I think
 >the ongoing nrpm identity crisis needs addressing. That is, we seem to be
 >trying to do something that is ideally going to attract more people, but
 >are not entirely clear on what that something is.
 >I think we can go a long way in figuring this out by putting down our
 >motivations, what each of us expects from the meetings, and whether some
 >of the unexpected stuff taking place in past meets is good/bad.
 >I will start with my (admittedly unhelpful) motivation to come to nrpm
 >throughout the past year and a half-ish. Personally I come to these
 >meetings to spend a good 2-3 in the company of like-minded people. This
 >is the same reason I go to various Perl events. That is - I am after the
 >conversation part, and do not care much about the "learning something
 >new" part. If I do end up learning somethin new - it's a pleasant
 >surprise, because I didn't come expecting this at first ;) So I guess I
 >am not particularly looking for much beyond "spend some good time,
 >talking about perl, often at a level that is newbie-intimidating". But
 >perhaps others have a more structured/definitive set of expectations
 >which can be met if the rest know them.
 >So, how about you? ;)
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