[niederrhein.pm] Musing on nrpm's future

Peter Rabbitson rabbit+nrpm at rabbit.us
Mo Mai 19 12:52:31 PDT 2014

I will write in english, sowwy. Feel free to answer in German though ;)

Leaving aside the question of tomorrow's meeting for a moment, I think 
the ongoing nrpm identity crisis needs addressing. That is, we seem to be 
trying to do something that is ideally going to attract more people, but 
are not entirely clear on what that something is.

I think we can go a long way in figuring this out by putting down our 
motivations, what each of us expects from the meetings, and whether some 
of the unexpected stuff taking place in past meets is good/bad. 

I will start with my (admittedly unhelpful) motivation to come to nrpm 
throughout the past year and a half-ish. Personally I come to these 
meetings to spend a good 2-3 in the company of like-minded people. This 
is the same reason I go to various Perl events. That is - I am after the 
conversation part, and do not care much about the "learning something 
new" part. If I do end up learning somethin new - it's a pleasant 
surprise, because I didn't come expecting this at first ;) So I guess I 
am not particularly looking for much beyond "spend some good time, 
talking about perl, often at a level that is newbie-intimidating". But 
perhaps others have a more structured/definitive set of expectations 
which can be met if the rest know them.

So, how about you? ;)

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