[niederrhein.pm] Kurse von Damian Conway an der ETH Zürich

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Di Mr 4 23:36:08 PST 2014

Hi zusammen,

ich mchte euch auf ein paar Kurse von Damian an der ETH Zrich aufmerksam machen. Damian Conway
ist ein genial Redner und in seinen Kursen kann man viel lernen, kann ich nur empfehlen...

Hier die Links und Beschreibungen der Kurse:

    New Features of Modern Perls (5.10 to 5.20)           April 7th 2014
        "Many exciting new features have been added to Perl in the past
         few years...and some of the very best will be added to Perl 5.20
         later this year. Find out all about the latest and best features of
         modern Perl in a single day."

    Modern Perl Best Practices                            April 8th 2014
        "You can write better, more efficient, more maintainable Perl
         code. This class shows how. Now updated with new suggestions
         not in the original book."

    Programming in Perl 6                                 April 9th 2014
       "Perl 6. It now runs on multiple VMs (including JVM and .Net).
        It now has most of its insanely cool features implemented,
        including concurrency. It's no longer vaporware. It's time
        to reconsider it as a serious alternative."

    Advanced Technical Presentation Techniques            April 10th 2014
        "Learn how to give more compelling, more entertaining, and more
         successful technical presentations. From one of the world's most
         successful technical presenters."

    Technical Presentation Masterclass                    April 11th 2014
        "This is a rare opportunity to deliver one of your own
         presentations and then receive personal one-to-one coaching,
         feedback, guidance, and advice from Damian to help improve your
         content, structure, style, and delivery."

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