[niederrhein.pm] Wohin soll's denn nun gehen?

Wendy G.A. van Dijk nl.pm at wendy.org
Mo Jun 3 13:51:28 PDT 2013

Hi all,

First, compliments to Jens for finding a nice 
spot.  Now we don't have to argue about another 
day in the month for having our meeting.  Now I 
don't have to start looking for another place.  He did it.  Excellent.

I agree with Jens and Riba that it is more 
important to have a good location and a good 
number of attendees than the name of the city we 
will meet, or the name of the monger group we 
will use.  Koeln.pm or duesseldorf.pm or 
niederrhein.pm or schmetterling.pm is all fine for me.

Liz and I want to go to PM meetings, meet nice 
people, possibly eat /drink something pleasant, 
talk about Perl, do something for Perl.  With 
niederrhein.pm this has been the case for quite a 
while now.  We know we are not from Niederrhein, 
we just come over.  We are not living in 
Amsterdam and are still members of amsterdam.pm.

If we have more attendees when we have our 
meetings in Köln, than when we have meetings in 
Düsseldorf or Aachen or wherever that REALLY is 
in Niederrhein, I would like to meet in 
Köln.  For us with a car it is not much of a 
problem where we meet.  Köln and Aachen and 
Düsseldorf are all easier to reach than 
Amsterdam, Mechelen, London, Oslo, Paris.  And we 
still don;t mind playing taxidriver for now.

If we have just 4 or 5 people attending 
niederrhein.pm in Düsseldorf, it is clear to me 
we should go back to Köln and change the date of our meetings.


At 03:22 PM 6/3/2013, Torsten Raudssus wrote:
>Ruhr.pm is not compatible with the existing Perl 
>people, they are stocked in 1990 or something ;)
>Düsseldorf.pm as stated is dead ;) or at least noone reacts on ML.
>Yeah and we does event, inside our geographical 
>room. Of course still can also do the cologne 
>meetings, i still think its relevant to have 
>something in the "more north" of NRW, outside of 
>cologne. And the room in bilk is lovely.... You will like it :)
>Its really a bit crazy that most of the 
><http://niederrhein.pm>niederrhein.pm people are 
>actually NOT from 
><http://niederrhein.pm>niederrhein.pm ;) and so 
>i give you that ..... still THAT WAS NOT THE 
>PLAN 8-)..... But lets see location duesseldorf, 
>lets coordinate and talk about this there!
>Have fun in US all of you!Â
>On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 9:56 PM, Jens Rehsack 
><<mailto:rehsack at googlemail.com>rehsack at googlemail.com> wrote:
>On 03.06.13 20:58, Torsten Raudssus wrote:
>As said: We should establish something outside, and still should support
>Cologne.pm to make their meeting in Cologne, and we just come over all
>the time. Or we make it in 2 months shedule rotating, I just think that
>people outside of cologne cant reach cologne easy, Mönchengladbach is an
>exception. Else ist a horrible way _OVER_ Düsseldorf always :).
>I dont see anything from my side BLOCKING having a perl meeting in
>cologne, i just would love to push it out to the <http://cologne.pm>cologne.pm
><http://cologne.pm> guys ;)
>You always refer to Cologne.pm - but never talk about <http://ruhr.pm>ruhr.pm
>neither <http://dusseldorf.pm>dusseldorf.pm - 
>they can also establish an own meeting
>Noone does - we do. And we'll do it in cologne again. Sometimes.
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