[niederrhein.pm] Wohin soll's denn nun gehen?

Jens Rehsack rehsack at googlemail.com
Mo Jun 3 12:56:01 PDT 2013

On 03.06.13 20:58, Torsten Raudssus wrote:
> As said: We should establish something outside, and still should support
> Cologne.pm to make their meeting in Cologne, and we just come over all
> the time. Or we make it in 2 months shedule rotating, I just think that
> people outside of cologne cant reach cologne easy, Mönchengladbach is an
> exception. Else ist a horrible way _OVER_ Düsseldorf always :).
> I dont see anything from my side BLOCKING having a perl meeting in
> cologne, i just would love to push it out to the cologne.pm
> <http://cologne.pm> guys ;)

You always refer to Cologne.pm - but never talk about ruhr.pm
neither dusseldorf.pm - they can also establish an own meeting

Noone does - we do. And we'll do it in cologne again. Sometimes.


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