[niederrhein.pm] Fosdem - Beer Event on Friday, and Dinner on Saturday - Join us

Wendy G.A. van Dijk nl.pm at wendy.org
Do Jan 31 13:44:38 PST 2013

Fosdem on February 2 & 3 in Brussels.  It is not 
just conference and expo.  There is more.
(Verzeihung bitte, bin zu müde om alles auf Deutsch zu übersetzen)

Beer event on Friday evening, February 1st
Impasse de la Fidélité 4, Brusels
At 18:00 the Fosdem-people will go in (amazingly) 
large numbers into Delirium.  Delirium is a very 
large, very good organised and very interesting 
pub in Brussels.  You have to visit it at least 
once in your life.  Admire the beer tapping 
installations, they are magnificent (25 beers 
from draught!!!).  And their beer selection is at 
least as magnificent (0ver 2,000 different 
beers).  Don't drink to much...  delirium in 
Delirium, would probably not be the first person to have it.

We as a Perl group want to meet here too.  That 
means, we have to conquer some space and hold it 
in a friendly way.  We will be with at least 10 
people.  And whoever gets first, has to secure 
some stools, chairs, tables, and a corner.  And 
tell other Perl people about it: where can we 
find you.  Wearing Perl t-shirts might not be 
enough...   Don't be violent,  Be polite.  Be 
early.  And stay where you are, keep that 
corner.  Let's see if we can have some hours of fun together.

Oh, and we don't have a sponsor for the beer 
event. Please pay for yourself and your friends.  It's about being together.

Dinner on Saturday evening, February 2nd
After the Perl-devroom is done at 19:00  and 
cleaned and locked, and the Perl-booth is secured 
(the expensive stuff has to go back into the 
truck, the building will not be secure at night), 
a large group of us (more than 20 people at the 
moment) will go have dinner at 21:00 at La 
Porteause d'Eau.  You are welcome to join 
us.  There is no sponsor for this, so bring some 
cash (no idea about the creditcards).

Whoever gets first, is first, earlier than 21:00 
is fine, they know about us.  Mention the name 
"Perl" at the entrance, we have reserved a big 
section of the upper floor.  We cannot say what 
time we as organisers come in.  When the work is 
done.  No sooner.  Start with a drink, please, 
and have a good time amongs you earlybirds.  It 
seems the selection of beers at La Porteuse is quite good.

Please let us know if you plan to come as 
well.  We have to reserve enough space for the 
group.  Telling them "anything between 10-30 
people" will nog make them happy.  So please 
respond to this mail and tell me if you're going or not.

La Porteuse de lEau
Avenue Jean Volders 48
1060 Bruxelles
The restaurant is a 3 minute walk from the Metro 
station Hallepoort / Porte d'Halle: http://goo.gl/maps/21zEu
Pay in cash, everybody pays his own (or maybe we 
will split the bill, maybe some sponsors will be 
present to ease the bill). Take a look at the 
menu for the prices (I don't know about the prices).
Small number of vegetarian menu items.
I have been here before, and it was nice.
The kitchen closes at 22:40, so don't be too late.

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