[niederrhein.pm] Re: Fwd: [cologne-pm] Mitfahr t o Fosdem vom Köln ?

Wendy G.A. van Dijk nl.pm at wendy.org
Mo Jan 28 14:18:18 PST 2013

Hi Jens,
Hope to see you at Fosdem anyway.
Maybe at Delirium.  Try to be there early and 
conquer and maintain a Perl space there.
Liz and I will bring Gabi and a truck filled with 
Perl stuff.  So we cannot predict what time we will be at Delirium.

At 10:45 PM 1/28/2013, Jens Rehsack wrote:
 >Hi all,
 >is anybody driving from Köln to Fosdem next weekend? If anybody as space
 >to leave Friday and come back Sunday, please, let me know!
 >We can share expenses and talk about how we use perl at Zentyal[0].
 >[0] http://www.zentyal.org/

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