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Vielleicht könnten wir ein wenig sammeln, und O'Reilly eine Liste zukommen 

Liebe Gruesse,


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From: Marsee Heon <marsee at oreilly.com>
To: burbach at gwl.de
Subject: Internet Annoyances Needed for New Book
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 10:30:33 -0800

> Dear User Group Leader:
> Thanks for the great response to our call, over the last month or two,
> for annoyances, gripes, and complaints about Excel and PC hardware. The
> email we got was very useful and a lot of your members not only
> sent annoyances, but fixes! As always, many thanks for the input.
> This time around, we have yet another book in the wings--this one 
> focusing
> on Internet annoyances. Some of the annoying areas: Email (and spam),
> connecting to the Net (via dialup, DSL, cable, configuration and all
> that), wireless annoyances (from WiFi hassles to hotspots to fiddling 
> with
> WEP), web sites (namely creating, hosting, and maintaining your own web
> site), browsing and browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, and others),
> AOL, instant messaging, using search sites, security annoyances, and of
> course, shopping and auctions.
> Got Internet gripes/annoyances/kvetches? Send 'em our way by having your
> members email me (marsee at oreilly.com) with "Internet Annoyance" in the
> subject line and we'll put our author on the job.
> As thanks for sharing, we'll make sure to get copies of "Internet
> Annoyances" sent to your group shortly after publication.
> --Marsee
> ***
> An example:
> Pictureless Pages Predicament
> THE ANNOYANCE: There are some great pictures available on the Web, but
> certain pictures don't appear on web pages I visit. Instead I see a red X
> or a funny little icon where the picture is supposed to be.
> THE FIX: Several circumstances can keep pictures from appearing:
> * There's a logjam at the web server or somewhere along the miles of 
> wires
> between the web server and your browser. Try refreshing the page (press
> F5 or click the Refresh button on the toolbar). But you probably already
> tried that.
> * Something's wrong with the web server. The picture might not be on the
> server, or the programmer who created the web page might have put in the
> wrong path to the picture.
> * Internet Explorer may be configured so that it doesn't show pictures,
> a common setup for those with slow dialup connections who don't want
> to waste time downloading pictures. (If this option is set, you can
> selectively display pictures by right-clicking the X or the icon and
> choosing Show Picture.) To undo this setting in Internet Explorer, choose
> Tools-->Internet Options. Click the Advanced tab, and in the Multimedia
> section, check the Show Pictures box to make your pictures appear.
> * An invalid value in the Windows Registry is preventing pictures from
> appearing. It's an easy fix, even for those who are squeamish about 
> poking
> around in the Registry. (Before you mess around with the Registry, back 
> it
> up as per the instructions in the sidebar on page 47.) Select 
> Start-->Run,
> type in regedit, and hit Enter. In Registry Editor, navigate to
> \HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.gif. In the right pane, click the Content Type item;
> its value should be image/gif. Then check \HKEY_CLASSES_ ROOT\.jpg;
> Content Type should be set to image/jpg or image/jpeg. For more
> information about this fix, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 307239.
> ***

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