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> O'Reilly User Group Program
> Newsletter
> July 3, 2003
> Please share the information your members would be interested in....
> Highlights This Week:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Book News
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> -Digital Video Pocket Guide
> -Learning Web Design, 2nd Edition
> -Building Wireless Community Networks, 2nd Edition
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Conferences
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> -Registration Is Open for the Second Annual O'Reilly Mac OS X
> Conference
> -Put Up an O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference Banner, Get A Free Book
> -Can't Make OSCON the whole time? Day Passes are available
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Safari
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> -"Go On Safari" Tip of the Week Winner--Christian Gagnon, MELUG-North
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> News
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> -The Future of Mozilla Application Development
> -Put Up an O'Reilly ThinkGeek Banner, Get A Free Book
> -Writing for O'Reilly
> -Defending Your Site Against Spam
> -MySQL FULLTEXT Searching
> -Using the Jakarta Commons, Part 1
> -Understanding Interfaces in .NET
> -Super-Efficient Image Rollovers
> -Self-Enhancing Stylesheets
> -Making Movies with the Apple iSight
> ================================================
> Book News
> ================================================
> Review books are available--email me for a copy.
> ***Please include the book order number on your requests.
> Let me know if you need your books by a certain date.
> Allow at least four weeks for shipping. Send or email me copies of your 
> newsletters and book reviews.
> Don't forget, your members get 20% off any O'Reilly book they purchase
> directly from O'Reilly. Just use code DSUG when ordering.
> http://www.oreilly.com/
> ***Group purchases with better discounts are available***
> Please let me know if you are interested.
> Press releases are available on our press page:
> http://press.oreilly.com/
> ***Digital Video Pocket Guide
> Order Number: 5237
> The "Digital Video Pocket Guide" is organized into three chapters:
> "What Is It?", "How Does It Work?", and "How Do I...Tips, Tricks, and
> Techniques." Its compact size, organization, and detailed illustrations
> make it easy to find the information you need. This is the ultimate
> shooting companion that will help you create the videos you want to
> show to friends, family, or even the world at large.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/dvideopg/
> Sample Excerpts, "Tip 4: How to overcome backlighting," and "Tip 5: How
> to cope with wind," are available online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/dvideopg/chapter/index.html
> ***Learning Web Design, 2nd Edition
> Order Number: 4842
> In "Learning Web Design," author Jennifer Niederst shares the knowledge
> she's gained from years of web design experience, both as a designer
> and a teacher. This book starts from the beginning--defining the
> Internet, the Web, browsers, and URLs--so you don't need to have any
> previous knowledge about how the Web works. After reading this book,
> you'll have a solid foundation in HTML, graphics, and design principles
> that you can immediately put to use in creating effective web pages.
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/learnweb2/
> Chapter 6, "Creating a Simple Page," is available online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/learnweb2/chapter/index.html
> ***Building Wireless Community Networks, 2nd Edition
> Order Number: 5024
> "Building Wireless Community Networks" is about getting people online
> using wireless network technology. The 802.11b standard (also known as
> WiFi) makes it possible to network towns, schools, neighborhoods, small
> business, and almost any kind of organization. All that's required is a
> willingness to cooperate and share resources. The first edition of this
> book helped thousands of people engage in community networking
> activities. This revised and expanded edition adds coverage on new
> network monitoring tools and techniques, regulations affecting wireless
> deployment, and IP network administration, including DNS and IP
> Tunneling.  http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/wirelesscommnet2/
> Chapter 3, "Network Layout, " is available online:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/wirelesscommnet2/chapter/index.html
> ================================================
> Conference News
> ================================================
> ***Registration Is Open for the Second Annual O'Reilly Mac OS X 
> Conference
> Do you want to tame Panther quickly, or live Apple's iLife to the
> fullest? If so, the second annual O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference can take
> you where you want to go with Apple's newest software and hardware. One
> day of in-depth tutorials and three days of conference sessions cover
> topics like network security, Cocoa, Java, Rendezvous, Quartz, AirPort
> Extreme, workflow management, Unix administration, and much more. Some
> of the many experts presenting at the conference include David Pogue,
> Adam Engst, mmalcolm Crawford, Dan Wood, Andy Ihnatko, Robb Beal, and
> Dan Frakes.
> O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference
> October 27-30, 2003
> Westin Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA
> http://conferences.oreilly.com/macosxcon/
> User Group members who register before September 12, 2003 get a double
> discount. Use code DSUG when you register, and receive 20% off the
> "Early Bird" price.
> To register, go to:
> http://conferences.oreillynet.com/cs/macosx2003/create/ord_mac03
> ***Put Up an O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference Banner, Get A Free Book
> Yet another new banner offer--
> We are looking for user groups to display our conference banners on
> their web sites. If you send me the link to your user group site with
> our O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference banner, I will send you the
> O'Reilly book of your choice.
> O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference Banners:
> http://ug.oreilly.com/banners/macosx2003/
> ***Can't Make OSCON the whole time? Day Passes are available
> (Sorry UG discount not available.)
> To register, go to:
> http://conferences.oreillynet.com/cs/os2003/create/ord_os03
> O'Reilly Open Source Convention
> Portland Marriott Downtown,
> Portland, OR
> July 7-11, 2003
> http://conferences.oreilly.com/oscon/
> ================================================
> Safari News
> ================================================
> ***"Go On Safari" Tip of the Week Winner-- Christian Gagnon, MELUG-North
> "Presently, I have a number of reference books in multiple locations, a
> number of books I keep in my car, and a few that I carry around with
> me.  (Perhaps your situation is similar?)  My next experiment with
> Safari will be to add these references to my bookshelf and lighten my
> load."
> Your group can also participate in this introductory program just for
> user group members. To "Go on Safari," any of your members who sign up
> for our Safari 14-day free trial can send comments on their
> experiences, or tips and tricks for how they used Safari  (it only
> needs to be 2 sentences long, but it may be longer) to
> safari_talk at oreilly.com.  (Please include your UG name in the email.)
> Every week someone will be chosen from the tips or comments submitted
> to receive fun stuff from O'Reilly (T-shirts, book bags, or other
> surprises). If a member of your user group is selected, your group
> receives free gifts, too. Whatever the individual member receives, your
> UG will get one, too, to give away at your next meeting, or use however
> you see fit. Recipients--and their comments--will be announced in the
> User Group Newsletter.
> **Please use this special UG URL to sign up for the 14-day trial**
> http://www.oreilly.com/safari/ug
> For more information on Safari:
> http://safari.oreilly.com/
> ================================================
> News From O'Reilly & Beyond
> ================================================
> ---------------------
> General News
> ---------------------
> ***The Future of Mozilla Application Development
> Recently, mozilla.org announced a major update to its development
> roadmap. David Boswell and Brian King provide an analysis of the new
> roadmap, and demonstrate how to convert an existing XPFE-based
> application into an application that uses the new XUL toolkit.
> http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/mozilla/2003/06/27/mozilla.html
> Brian and David are coauthors of "Creating Applications with Mozilla."
> Order Number: 0529
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/mozilla/index.html
> ***Put Up an O'Reilly ThinkGeek Banner, Get A Free Book
> We are looking for user groups to display our ThinkGeek banners on
> their web sites. If you send me the link to your user group site with
> one of our O'Reilly ThinkGeek banners, I will send you the O'Reilly
> book of your choice.
> O'Reilly ThinkGeek Banners:
> http://ug.oreilly.com/banners/thinkgeek/
> ***Writing for O'Reilly
> We're always looking for new authors and new book ideas. Our ideal
> author has real technical competence and a passion for explaining
> things clearly. We're happy to work with first time authors, and
> encourage inquiries about virtually any topic. However, it helps if you
> know that we tend to publish "high end" books rather than books for
> dummies, and generally don't want yet another book on a topic that's
> already well covered.  For more information, please check out:
> http://oreilly.com/oreilly/author/intro.html
> ---------------------
> Open Source
> ---------------------
> ***Defending Your Site Against Spam To users, unsolicited commercial e- 
> mail is an annoyance. To mail server
> administrators, it's a threat. Dru Nelson recently had his network
> attacked by spammers. He explains the various defenses he considered
> for protecting against future attacks.
> http://linux.oreillynet.com/pub/a/linux/2003/06/26/blocklist.html
> ***MySQL FULLTEXT Searching Storing text in your database is handy, but 
> searching can be a pain.
> MySQL's FULLTEXT search can save your sanity. Joe Stump demonstrates
> how it works and gives several ideas on how to use it in your own
> applications.
> http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/onlamp/2003/06/26/fulltext.html
> ---------------------
> Java
> ---------------------
> ***Using the Jakarta Commons, Part 1
> Ever find yourself thinking "Someone's surely solved this problem
> before?" That's the beauty of open source. In this first of three
> articles, Vikram Goyal explores the Jakarta Commons, mature and
> well-defined reusable Java components.
> http://www.onjava.com/pub/a/onjava/2003/06/25/commons.html
> ---------------------
> ..NET
> ---------------------
> ***Understanding Interfaces in .NET
> ..NET introduces the potentially confusing concept of an interface. An
> interface is a contract that defines the signature of some piece of
> functionality. Throughout the .NET framework, interfaces are used to
> define that certain types have well-known behaviors. Nick Harrison
> explains what interfaces are and how to use them in your own classes.
> http://www.ondotnet.com/pub/a/dotnet/2003/06/30/interfaces.html
> ---------------------
> Web
> ---------------------
> ***Super-Efficient Image Rollovers
> Danny Goodman shows you how to reduce the number of individual image
> files downloaded to a browser to accomplish three-state image
> rollovers.
> http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/javascript/2003/07/01/bonusrecipe.html
> Danny is the author of "JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook."
> Order Number: 4672
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/jvdhtmlckbk/index.html
> ---------------------
> ---------------------
> ***Self-Enhancing Stylesheets
> Developing new stylesheets can be a chore. So why not let XSLT take the
> load? This article shows how to easily check the coverage of your XSLT
> and create skeleton stylesheets.
> http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2003/07/02/xslt2.html
> ---------------------
> Mac
> ---------------------
> ***Making Movies with the Apple iSight
> Online conferencing is great, but what else can you do with your new
> iSight? Actually, quite a bit. In this first installment of an ongoing
> series, Derrick Story shows you how to make professional-looking
> QuickTime movies with just an iSight and some very inexpensive
> software.  http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2003/07/01/isight.html
> Until next time--
> Marsee

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