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Liebe Perlmonger,

dies hatte ich uebersehen, daher die Verspaetung,

Liebe Gruesse,


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pm group leaders:

please forward this to your local pm groups.

as some of you may know there have been a perl jobs announce and wanted
lists hosted on pm.org. those lists have been merged and moved to the
perl.org site. there are now these two lists:

	jobs at perl.org

which is moderated and is only for posting of both job openings and
situations wanted.

	jobs-discuss at perl.org

which is not moderated and is meant to discuss the perl jobs list and
web site as well and any other perl job related topics.

go to jobs.perl.org for information on how to subscribe and the posting
guidelines. if your pm group has a home page you might want to link to
this page.

the page and list are for perl jobs worldwide. telecommuting, relocation
and other options are common so don't think you have to be in a
particular goegraphic location to participate. also agencies and HR
types are welcome too. spread the word about this page and list to any
of those you know who deal with the perl job market.



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