[nr-pm] FYI (Fwd) hfb.pm.org status

R. Burbach burbach at gwl.de
Fre Mar 9 01:50:56 CST 2001

Hallo Leute,

zu Eurer Information, was mit dem Server vorgeht, sende ich euch 
die Infomail von Wayne weiter.

Liebe Gruesse,

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This is the latest draft of a mass email that I will send out sometime
later today.


You are recieving this email because you have an account on or
administer a mailing list on the server hfb.pm.org to apprise   
you of recent events, give you an idea of what is currently going
on and what you might be able to expect in the near future.

Recently the box known as hfb.pm.org went off-line due to a 
communications breakdown. The situation was unexpected and we 
have attempted to respond to the situation as quickly and as
efficiently as possible. We appreciate your continuing patience
throughout this troublesome transition.

Short term situation -

- temporary box running RH 6.2

- ssh, scp and sftp access only. If you lack a ssh client this is 
  your oportunity to obtain one. 
  http://www.onsight.com/faq/ssh/ssh-faq-2.html#ss2.2 lists many of
  the currently available clients on a number of platforms.

- accounts are active with web page content residing in;

  e.g., the home page for http://madrid.pm.org/ is at

- account home directory contents are not avaiable yet.

- some services are not fully configured yet. 

- mailing lists are managable via http://gocho.pm.org/majorcool/

- disk space is limited currently, please be considerate when
  transferring files.

Future plans -

- Sparc (hfb) back on-line with new OS 

- new and improved mailing list management

- other services as they arise

In the short-term, please do not install modules in your home directory.
Please email me with "MODULE INSTALL" as the subject and I'll respond
within 24 hours to your particular issue. Again, disk space is at
somewhat of a premium so please do be considerate when uploading
content for your web pages.

Again, thank you for your continued patience and support though this
transition. Please let me know if you experience problems with your
content or your mailing list and I'll respond as quickly as possible.

Wayne Walker

Unix SysAdmin, and SysAdmin for pm.org

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