[Munich-pm] <Rant> Warning to long haired programmers in Munich

Gabi Hack Gabi.Hack at integralis.com
Fri Jul 20 02:12:45 PDT 2012

hi marek,

that's of course the official version and no police office would tell a sports buddy anything else...

they do have their trigger points like long hairs, dark skinned, clothes etc and they actually behave like they want when you are alone and no other witnesses than other police are around.

that's business as usual with at least the bavarian police. and police assaults like in Rosenheim and other cities i can sadly imagine very well

giving you still another scenario. you don't need someone giving them hints. they got stuff like dragnets for decades now.
it happened to me in my twenties that they knocked at my door in the morning at 7 am. if i wouldn't have opened they would have broken up the door due to "gefahr in verzug" (immediate danger may linger around). they stormed in with 4 people (in a 32 sqm studio!)  and searched my whole flat thoroughly. afterwards it looked like a bomb exploded in it.
it came up, that a friend of a friend of mine was suspected to be a participant of a break-in and they bugged his phone, the phones of all people he talked to and even the phones of all people they talked to for weeks. and i had a drunken phone chat with this friend in the evening before ranting about some stuff. they found nothing in the end, but hey, i could have been, couldn't it?

big brother has been true for a long time now :(

cheers, Gabi

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Dear all,

I fully agree with haj... this is sad and disturbing. I talked yesterday to a police officer, close to his retirement, we're playing volleyball every Wed evening. I confronted him with an outline of this story, and he said that there must have been some particular suspicious thing (_beyond_ the hair style) which triggered them, and he insisted that otherwise the officers wouldn't dare to (fearing disciplinary consequences) follow the procedure you described. I am not able to judge whether this is true or just defending the reputation of colleagues. But another friend has raised the following hypothesis, which to me looks also rather scary: maybe some enemy has given the police some "hint", and once they checked the driver's license and there was a "match" on your name, the whole thing started...

If no one has done the translation yet... I am working on it...

All the best,

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