[Munich-pm] <Rant> Warning to long haired programmers in Munich

Richard Foley richard.foley at rfi.net
Thu Jul 19 18:25:12 PDT 2012

Hey Marek,

I don't think anyone is saying ALL Bavarian police would behave like this. But
you can't seriously suggest that some wouldn't. I see all the time at the
Hauptbahnhof the Polizei demanding to see the ID of groups of young Turks,
scruffy teenagers and the like. The precise same thing happens at the Weiher in
Erding, for instance. It's not a matter of "some particular suspicious thing",
besides looking at some scruffy oiks, (like Robin ;-), and deciding to give
them a hard time. Along the lines of "we don't like your sort around here!"

This happens everywhere, not just in Munich.


Richard Foley


On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 10:15:19AM +0200, Marek Rouchal wrote:
> Dear all,
> I fully agree with haj... this is sad and disturbing. I talked yesterday to a
> police officer, close to his retirement, we're playing volleyball every Wed
> evening. I confronted him with an outline of this story, and he said that
> there must have been some particular suspicious thing (_beyond_ the hair
> style) which triggered them, and he insisted that otherwise the officers
> wouldn't dare to (fearing disciplinary consequences) follow the procedure you
> described. I am not able to judge whether this is true or just defending the
> reputation of colleagues. But another friend has raised the following
> hypothesis, which to me looks also rather scary: maybe some enemy has given
> the police some "hint", and once they checked the driver's license and there
> was a "match" on your name, the whole thing started...
> If no one has done the translation yet... I am working on it...
> All the best,
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