[Mumbai-pm] JOB | Country Manager/ Technical Manager

James Tobin jamesbtobin at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 07:24:21 PDT 2022


I'm working with a financial trading technology firm looking to hire
someone that has Indian and British (and/or another country such as
America or Singapore) dual citizenship.  The person should be Indian
born and have spent substantial experience both in the UK (and/or
another country such as America or Singapore) and India within a
financial environment managing people.  The employer is looking to
build out a technology hub in India to complement their existing
global locations.  This person will be responsible for building-out
this technology hub, putting in place developers and other technology
staff as well as selecting office premises.  Whilst a background in
technology is important, such as Java development; leadership and
management of people is critical.  Remuneration will be western-based
rather than local Indian

Consequently, I had hoped that some members of this list may like to
discuss further.

I can be reached using JamesBTobin (at) Gmail (dot) Com

Kind regards,

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