[Mpls-pm] Meeting on Wednesday

Matthew Johnson matt at omega.org
Tue Jun 12 12:43:29 PDT 2007

Any updates, Ian?  What can I do to help out? (except speak :)).  -Matt

On Jun 11, 2007, at 7:04 PM, Chris Prather wrote:

> On Jun 11, 2007, at 3:13 PM, Ian Malpass wrote:
>> Damn. TechPro's not available this Wednesday, and I've been slow to
>> sort
>> anything else out. At the moment I've only got Dave's talk slated,  
>> and
>> I'm not going to be able to attend so there'll be no filler talk
>> from me.
>> Unless (a) someone else wants to talk and (b) we can find a suitable
>> venue[0] I'm thinking it's a case of Espresso Royale on Wednesday and
>> I'll start planning next month's tech meet now....
>> Ian
>> [0] We have a possible alternative venue at one of the Minneapolis
>> public libraries that Ardeshir may be able to sort out for us, but  
>> I'm
>> not sure about projectors or internet access. Or availability at  
>> short
>> notice for that matter.
> If b becomes solved, I can *try* to throw something together using
> borrowed slides on either OpenGuides (which has a Hackathon at
> YAPC::EU this year) or Moose (which I use for my dayjob) depending on
> interest. I haven't given a talk since YAPC::EU 2003 though so YMMV
> on how well I do :)
> -Chris
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