[Mpls-pm] Meeting on Wednesday

Ian Malpass ian at indecorous.com
Mon Jun 11 13:13:02 PDT 2007

Damn. TechPro's not available this Wednesday, and I've been slow to sort 
anything else out. At the moment I've only got Dave's talk slated, and 
I'm not going to be able to attend so there'll be no filler talk from me.

Unless (a) someone else wants to talk and (b) we can find a suitable 
venue[0] I'm thinking it's a case of Espresso Royale on Wednesday and 
I'll start planning next month's tech meet now....


[0] We have a possible alternative venue at one of the Minneapolis 
public libraries that Ardeshir may be able to sort out for us, but I'm 
not sure about projectors or internet access. Or availability at short 
notice for that matter.

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