[mplspm]: Next meeting??

Craig S. Wilson craig at wavefront.net
Mon Nov 18 09:26:04 CST 2002

At 10:01 AM 11/17/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>On Sun, 17 Nov 2002, Ken Williams wrote:
> > > So any objections to the _second_ Tuesday of the month?
> >
> > Care to revise that statement?  s/Tu/Wedn/ ?
>Right, Wednesday.  Doh!

Second Wednesday of the month would be fine with me.

One thought about an alternative site.  The Dunn Brothers Coffee shop on 
the corner of Fifth and Wabasha in St. Paul has lots of chairs, a 
fireplace, and a wireless network available to customers.   I believe that 
they are open in the evening, but would need to check.  It is never smoky 
and if the music were too loud I am sure they would accommodate us and turn 
it down.

Parking shouldn't be too big a deal because the meters stop at 4:30 PM and 
everyone knows that St. Paul is dead at night, as long as there isn't a 
Wild game on.

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