[Moscow.pm] Fwd: [GANDI] moscow.pm expires tomorrow

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Чт Янв 18 11:04:56 PST 2018

А я пароль не могу вспомнить :-) Кто-нить знает как продлить без логина?

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From: Gandi <support-renew на gandi.net>
Date: Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 7:55 AM
Subject: [GANDI] moscow.pm expires tomorrow


This is important, so please read carefully.

You are being sent this message because you are a contact for the domain
moscow.pm under Gandi handle.

This domain  will expire at the Registry tomorrow, on 2018-01-19 08:51.

If you would like to keep this domain, you must renew it before this date.
The domain will be renewable at the normal price until 2018-02-15 22:51

IMPORTANT: if you miss the renewal deadline, your domain name will be
deleted from our system on 2018-02-15 22:51. Its status will then change to
"restorable" until 2018-03-18 08:51. Note, however, that the price of a
restoration may be considerably higher than for a regular renewal, and
associated services like GandiMail are not recovered when a domain is

To renew the domain, please go to Gandi's website at http://www.gandi.net/
and choose the "Domain names" tab, followed by "Renew" or go directly to
this page:

(if the link does not appear on a single line, please copy and paste the
whole thing into the address bar of your web browser.)

If you do not want to keep the domain, no further action is needed. If you
do nothing, then moscow.pm will go back on the open market on or around
2018-03-18 08:51 (the exact date may vary slightly depending on the
registry and time zone differences).

A tip from Gandi's Support team: if you are in an emergency situation and
you have forgotten your handle and/or password, you can renew a domain name
from any other Gandi handle, or create a new one just for that purpose:


(Note that renewing a domain from a different handle does not affect the
domain's ownership.)

Feel free to contact our Customer Care Department should you have any
questions or require any additional assistance:

Thank you for choosing Gandi!

Best Regards,

GANDI - https://www.gandi.net/

Andrew Shitov
andy на shitov.ru | http://shitov.ru
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