[Moscow.pm] String *may* require interpolation See page 51 of PBP. (Severity: 1)

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Вс Окт 13 04:07:28 PDT 2013

On Oct 13, 2013, at 3:25 AM, Nikolay Mishin <mi at ya.ru> wrote:

> MoscowPM, доброй ночи,
> почему файл с содержанием
> my %hash={'test$test' => 1};
> не проходит
> perlcritic --single-policy=RequireInterpolation t_crit.pl
> выдавая
> String *may* require interpolation at line 1, column 11.  See page 51 of PBP.  (Severity: 1)
> получается, что такую полиси нужно всегда отключать? зачем она тогда была придумана?

Высосали из.
PerlCritic со списками правил по умолчанию — бесполезен.

И на “page 51 of PBP” ссылаться немного странно, ибо там

    Use interpolating string delimiters only for strings that actually

    Unexpectedly interpolating a variable in a character string is a
    common source of errors in Perl programs. So is unexpected
    non-interpolation. Fortunately, Perl provides two distinct types
    of strings that make it easy to specify exactly what you want.

    If you’re creating a literal character string and you definitely
    intend to interpolate one or more variables into it, use a
    double-quoted string:

	my $spam_name = "$title $first_name $surname";
	my $pay_rate  = "$minimal for maximal work";

    If you’re creating a literal character string and not intending to
    interpolate any variables into it, use a single-quoted string:

	 my $spam_name = 'Dr Lawrence Mwalle';
	 my $pay_rate  = '$minimal for maximal work';


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